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Don’t forget to check out the “Kids Zone“, the coolest Jewish site for kids around!


Check out the ``Kids Zone``!
Explore fascinating and engaging games, activities, stories and more on Jewish holidays and other Jewish topics.

The coolest Jewish site for kids!

The Itche Kadoozy Show

Enter the world of Rabbi Itche Kadoozy, where a normal day is never quite normal, big laughs are to be expected, and Torah lessons can be found around every corner.

Exciting children's videos

What if?

In this computer-animated adventure, Eli and Dina use their imaginations to explore endless exciting possibilities in the strangest places!
Join the fun!

Imaginary animated adventures

Children's Torah

You will receive a beautiful personalized certificate from the Children's Sefer Torah office in Israel telling you in which portion of the Torah ``your`` letter has been written!

Have the scribe write a letter in the Torah just for you!