We have been involved in Chabad Intown’s Hebrew School for the last 9 years. Our two daughters have learned not only to read Hebrew and  how to daven, they have developed a sense of identity, pride, and deep connection to their Judaism. They look forward to Sunday School learing about Hebrew, holidays, and Shabbat rituals, and are quite proud to share these experiences with their friends, both Jewish and not. It is not just their knowledge base that has been expanded, it is their love and respect for Judaism that has also grown.


– Sherry I. Stahler

The Chabad Intown Hebrew School is fantastic! I’m always amazed at how the kids can learn so much and still have so much fun!! There is clearly a great deal of planning and thought that goes into the curriculum — it is a curriculum that addresses the many different facets of Judaism — from the fundamentals to the details including the holidays, what it means to be Jewish, the day-to-day of being Jewish, Hebrew, and the importance of Israel. The teachers are excellent – they customize the learning to the individual needs of the children with a combination of different kinds of activities (art projects, cooking projects, reading and writing class, etc). My 3 kids — ages 10, 8, and 6 — get so excited about Sunday school each week and they have so much to tell us when they are done. They use what they learn in their daily lives and during holiday time. As important, Chabad Intown Hebrew School inspires my children to learn more and instills in them a strong Jewish identity.


– Rachel Albalak